“Planned Bank Robbery”

The following exerpt is from an article written by James N. Watkins titled: Planned Bank Robbery. Enjoy!

We hear a lot about “pro-choice” on the evening news and sound bites from politicians. We, too, want to avoid “legislating values and claiming there are moral absolutes.” Ethics is a personal choice, not a political or religious concern.

That’s why we’ve established “Planned Bank Robbery.” Now, we personally don’t approve of bank robbery, but we don’t want to inflict our morals on anyone else either. We’re “pro-choice” when it comes to grand larceny. It must be a personal decision of each individual.

Education is the key since our studies reveal that 99 percent of senior high teens know that banks are robbed. But it is shocking the number of teens who don’t know how banks are robbed.  Or even how to load a .357 magnum, drive a get away car, or demand, “Give me all your unmarked, non-sequentially-ordered twenty-dollar bills.” Young people need to know the wide range of career options available to them…

And young people who need some extra cash from their local 7-11 shouldn’t have to get their parents permission to obtain this protection [such as a bullet-proof vest]. If that were the case, hundreds more teens would be needlessly injured by narrow-minded parents who are trying to inflcit their morality on their children.

Again, let me emphasize that “Planned Bank Robbery” does not condone or encourage grand larceny. We only want to stress it is a personal decision. We’re “pro-choice”! ~James N. Watkins

4 thoughts on ““Planned Bank Robbery”

  1. Love the post. How true is it. People want pro-choice about the life of an unborn child but no one would agree with pro-choice for bank robbery. I just shake my head. The world in which we live. I am glad I have the hope of my Savior!

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