Intimacy: the book is now available

I’ve known Rivera for 17 years and just had the privilege of reading her new book, Intimacy: into me You see. This is a MUST read! Please take a moment to read about it and support my friend in sharing TRUTH. I’ve also added a link to her book on the right-hand side of the screen (or the bottom of you’re screen if you’re viewing this in mobile format) so check it out and share with your friends!

Rivera Douthit

Intimacy Book -Rivera Douthit

I stand completely IN AWE of God who is faithful and true to His promises. IF He says it, that settles it.  He told me three years ago I would write this book. Wow. He meant it! HE never UN-promises His promises.  Oh how He desires a deeper love relationship with every single one of us.  I pray this book catapults you to that place.

Thank you all for your patience, prayers, love and support during the last few weeks.  I am so excited to announce that Intimacy is available. Simply hit one of the many links here. Click where you can order a signed copy of the book.  Or where books are typically available at a cheaper rate.  Either way is great with me. I’m just excited to get the book in your hands.

Did I mention I created a permanent page for the book on this…

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