This is a post from my dear friend, Rivera. She is a speaker, encourager, and writer, currently working on her first book while writing devotions for her church. Please follow her blog and encourage her through the journey God has given her. You won’t be sorry!
I particularly enjoyed this post because it speaks closely to a struggle I’ve had for years. (Praying for that “special” friend to come along, feeling isolated and lonely…)
I know you’ll be encouraged!

I remember when I first got married and moved to California from North Carolina, I had no car, no job, and no local friends.  What should have been one of the most exciting times in my life, was one of the most lonesome.   Our house stayed spotless, not because I’m a freakishly clean housekeeper, but due to pure boredom.

I’ll never forget that period in my life, which is why I’m sensitive when I encounter women who confess feeling isolated.   Lately I’ve had several conversations with women of all different backgrounds and circumstances who admitted to having difficulty connecting with other women.

Why is this?

I understand the dilemma of moving into a new area.  But what about when we’ve been there several years and still haven’t connected?  What then?  We can’t blame it all on singleness, because there are married women who struggle too.   And social media can’t take all the…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! It’s something that is near and dear to my heart — friends are such treasures, and you never know which person you meet is the next gift your Father is giving you! Sometimes the wrapping is not what you expected, but it’s so worth it to make the effort to find out.

    • Julia, you’re so right. I have been praying for that special friend for 4 years now. That person who understands/relates to me and lives near me. (Plenty of casual friends who live far away). Recently I met someone through a mutual friend who is nothing like I expected but knew this person would be that special someone. She is more mature (older and wiser!) and we are different in experience but like-minded in our love for Jesus and writing. It was an unexpected answer but a definite blessing! We have to take God out of our box and let Him work in His way in His time. He is faithful!

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