Spiritual Warfare 101: Is it Real?


Spiritual warfare is real, whether you believe it or not. If you think I’ve gone off the deep end with my theology, consider the following evidences (I’m going to assume if you’re a regular reader of this website that you believe the Bible to be the true, infallible word of God):

•The Lord of Hosts

You can scarce read the Old Testament without running into the phrase “Lord of Hosts” (using the King James Version, anyways). The name “Lord of Hosts” in the following Scriptures all have the same Hebrew meaning, and there were dozens more I didn’t include for reasons of time and space.

“As for our redeemer, the Lord of Hosts is his name, the Holy One of Israel.” Isaiah 47:4

“Again the word of the Lord of Hosts came to me.” Zechariah 8:1

“The Lord of Hosts is with us.” Psalm 46:7

“Therefore thus saith the Lord of Hosts…” Jeremiah 23:15

“Hear ye and testify in the house of Jacob, saith the Lord God, the God of Hosts.” Amos 3:13

The word “hosts” (tseb-aw-aw’) is derived from the root word meaning assemble, fight, perform, or war. The term “Lord of Hosts” can be translated “The Lord of Armies” or “The Lord of War”. He is an active God of the ARMIES! Why do you suppose the term “Lord of Armies” would be included in the Bible, at least a hundred times in just the Old Testament, if it didn’t mean exactly what it says, that God leads an army? What exactly is an army used for? Battle!

The battle is so real, the people and prophets of God referred to their Leader as the divine captain of the largest host of armies ever amassed (Isaiah used the term “Lord of Hosts” more than thirty times in his book). Our Lord is not passive, He is active and fighting a very real, very serious spiritual war. So why aren’t we?

•The Apostles (After the Cross)

Paul (and the other apostles) had a godly view of spiritual warfare. Paul often spoke of principalities, powers, forces, spirits, Satan, the enemy, the battle, and other “spiritual warfare” terms. He spoke of it as if it were a fact, a reality, a real issue the Church needed to be aware of. (I’m purposely not mentioning the work of Jesus here [casting out demons…etc.] which will be discussed in later posts.)

“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

“His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 3:10

“Resist the devil.” James 4:7

“Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

“And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down—the ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.” Revelation 12:9


It doesn’t get more straight-forward than this, friends. Noema (no-ay-mah) is the Greek word for “mind”. Consider these uses of this specific form of the word noema:

“If there was anything to forgive—I have forgiven in the sight of Christ for your sake, in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes (noema).” 2 Corinthians 2:10-11

“In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds (noema) of them which believe not.” 2 Corinthians 4:4

“Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought (noema) to the obedience of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5

Did you notice anything interesting? The same Greek word, noema, is used in three different passages of the same context—how Satan directly influences the minds and thoughts of people, believers and non-believers alike. Another definition of noema is perception. In other words, it is a satanic perception of circumstances that influence us toward unforgiveness (2 Cor. 2:11), and a satanic perception of circumstances which blinds the minds of unbelievers against the true knowledge of Christ (2 Cor. 4:4), and also a satanic perception of events that infiltrate the minds of believers which can lead them into sinful behaviors (2 Cor. 10:5).

Satan is real, his influence is real, and the battle we face every day is real. God is fighting, his angelic armies are fighting, but are we as the bride of Christ fulfilling our role in this area (see Eph. 3:10)? Why aren’t we talking about this in our churches, teaching this in Sunday Schools, and hearing this from our pulpits? Perhaps the greatest deception of all is the belief that no “battle” exists, and if it does, I certainly don’t need to get involved. After all, didn’t Jesus defeat the enemy at the cross?

Well, if that is what you have believed I pray your eyes will be opened now to see the dangerous “perception” of that thinking. If you’re not fighting, Satan is gaining ground in your life. As I pointed out in the above section “After the Cross”, all of those Scriptures were written for believers after the death and resurrection of Christ. Obviously, we still have a battle to fight.

Now it’s your turn. What role do you actively take in spiritual warfare? Do you believe it is important? Why or why not? Is it an easy battle for you? On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest) how would you rate your daily participation and awareness of spiritual warfare?

As the scales begin to fall from your eyes and you take a more active role in fighting Satan’s schemes (noema), you will face more spiritual (and physical) opposition, I can guarantee it. Write the above verses down, keep them with you and memorize them, because you will need the truth to fight. Without the truth, you are defenseless and will be rendered an ineffective, unarmed soldier.


In my next post I’ll be discussing the voices in our head (the Holy Spirit, Satan, and our Flesh) and how you can recognize what voices are coming from where (remember, Satan quotes Scripture too!). If you need to catch up on what all this spiritual warfare talk is about, check out my last post. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to subscribe to this blog (it’s free and your information is not shared) in the space provided on the upper right hand area of this web page so you can receive future posts. I look forward to getting to know you and hearing what your battles in the spiritual realm have been like. Comments are encouraged (however, insults, personal attacks and foul language will not be allowed on this website).

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24 thoughts on “Spiritual Warfare 101: Is it Real?

  1. Really like this. I am going to use this article in my post tomorrow. It sounds like God has delivered you! I am very interested in hearing your story.

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  6. I like your article on spiritual warfare. There indeed is a war for the hearts, minds and eventually the souls of all of humanity between Christ and the forces of satan. One of the casualties of this war your article touched upon- the lack of concern from the pulpits of America & the general apathy of the laity about what the Christian god of the bible stands for. We’ve been conditioned to think he is only about love when he’s not. He’s also a god of reason, order and above all justice. It goes back in time to (at least for us in the states) to men like Julius Wellhausen who helped indoctrinate a liberal theology into seminaries, and pulpits from the east to eventually the west coast. That theology says that if men are evolved then naturally we should evolve our belief from believing that Christ is a god of love, judgment & retribution, to Him being only about love, love, love. The result- why one can enunciate words to the effect like “I accept you Christ!” and sincerely mean it at the time but then live one’s life like they never ever heard of Him, and all the resulting un-Christ like living will be forgiven when one passes on. I wrote a rather large 13 part series on my history blog about this vertical and horizontal forgiveness matter. I invite you to check it out, especially the parts detailing the practices of the Apostles.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate your view here. I’ll be sure to check out more of your website.

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    • Thank you for post this. I am honored. The Lord heepld me create this and the music. I am honored again that you posted this on your blog. This is one of the most important prayers one can ever say and thank you for spreading this good news to others. Keep your faith high.Jesus Is LORD!Your Brother in ChristDarryl

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  10. Amen! “We wrestle not with flesh and blood…” and yet so often we think that circumstances and people are our problem when there is something else going on entirely. I can’t count the times I’ve seen situations and relationships turn around when I stopped trying to FIX the problem and started asking the Lord how to pray and doing spiritual warfare against the enemy.

    Another thing I’ve been learning is that when you take care of your own sin, bad attitudes and lack of faith, things change in areas you would never have imagined were connected to the area you dealt with. We just don’t understand how things are connected in the spiritual realm — that’s why we have to stay honest in our hearts before the Lord and listen to the prompting of His Holy Spirit!

    Good post — looking forward to more. 🙂

    • Julia, so well said! And you’re exactly right. My spiritual freedom was not even possible until I started to recognize how much spiritual warfare played a part in my life over the years. I was unable to make forward progress until I started focusing on God’s truth rather than Satan’s lies. Unfortunately, not many believers are fighting this war. It is my sincere hope that this year will be a year that many eyes are opened to the unseen battle, and how important it is to fight!
      Thank you again for following my blog and sharing your thoughts.
      PS-Samantha started home-schooling in September (kindergarten) and is now beginning 1st grade in February!!! It’s working out so well! 🙂

  11. Inked Pen, well said and very true! As I read in a book recently, “Satan has you in his cross hairs, and he isn’t smiling.” We fight with the weapons of truth!

    • Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your comment, would love to hear about your experiences w/spiritual warfare.

      • Satan doesn’t just taunt you into a debate for the sheer delight. He will pressure you to speak against accusations, against what you’ve failed in. He will do so in order for you to have a response which condemns the self. He will take your words and use them against your soul. A single word can be changed into a sentence. He will try to distract you from prayer. Make other things seem important. And in the end of his debates if you do “win” it is only because he has set you up to answer in a way which blasphemes against God. The focus and dedication in these attacks should be strict loyalty to God. Strict love for God and to do your best to honor God at every moment. God Bless You.

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